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The Group’s iconic brand has been firmly rooted in French people’s minds since its creation in 1967. Today, it offers genuine local holiday experiences to families, and cultivates the values of freedom, beauty, nature and hedonism.

• Our clients come to us from around the world. This means that our teams get to work in a truly multicultural environment. Our onsite employees, for example, speak several languages. Our teams also develop multilingual websites and applications to satisfy our ever-growing international clientele.

• Pierre & Vacances has implemented, since 2016, a continuous improvement programme named Bee Lean driven by our teams. This involves reviewing our processes keeping our clients in mind, adopting methods to optimize our organisation and performance, and creating “rituals” to boost team spirit. 

• In 2014, we launched a programme called Work@PV for our seasonal workers. From induction and training to evaluation, this programme aims to add value to the time spent by seasonal employees in our company. As for our permanent employees, we encourage upward and horizontal mobility. 

• We believe that the satisfaction of our employees reflects in the satisfaction of our clients. So, every two years, our direction organizes a roadshow called the Grand Tour, to inform and inspire our teams with the company’s and the Group’s vision. We also organize job swap days where our employees get to experience other functions and gain a global vision of the company. As a result, 70% of our employees are proud to work at Pierre & Vacances and would recommend the company as a Great place to work.

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