Social Policy


The Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group has always been strongly committed to social and environmental responsibility. A special emphasis is put on diversity staffing (senior, junior, disabled people, equal opportunities for women and men…), on employees satisfaction as well as the development of their professional careers.

Social Policy
Social Policy

The Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group put a strong emphasis on development of the teams. In order to develop their skills and employability throughout their career within the Group.

You will start with a general intoduction at your location, followed by an introduction period 'on the floor' where you will be coached by a mentor. This mentor will help you to get to know the location, your colleagues and of course the tasks you will have to do in your new job. The introduction period will end with an evaluation.

When you start in a manager position or a function as specialist at our head office, your general introduction will be similar.

When you start at a management position on a site, you will start with an introduction at another site to get to know the job and to meet other colleagues.

When you start at a head office position, you will visit a site to get to know the 'product'.


"To get happy guests, we must have happy Employees".

So every year, a satisfaction survey of employees is led. It allows the Human Resources Direction to define different actions together with the management for the next year about employees questions.
The last survey proved that between more then 90% of employees were satisfied with their work and company.

18 November 2015


Motivated and competent employees form an essential condition for the success and continuity of the Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group. The Group offers the employees growth possibilities where we look beyond the current function. On Management level, these objectives are realized through the Management Development program.

Talent Development starts with discovering and determining competences/talents of all managers and specialists using our Organizational Learning Ecosystem (OLE) as the base for development talks in all countries and at all locations.

Then a Personal Development Plan is made with the manager, in which the competences to be developed are fixed and is talked about the direction for development. In the Personal Development Plan, it is also indicated how one wants to develop these competences.

For the development of the competences, several tools have been realized, that vary from development on the job, till individual Coaching to national and international trainings (internal or external) and from professional literature to Inter vision and projects.

The process of development will be monitored on location, country and european level. Last phase is decision making especially when someone is identified as a potential for a next step within the company. With this development policy we want employees to make optimal use of the talents they have and we offer development possibilities for everyone.

In case of Vacancies, potential internal candidates will be approached first, in order to guarantee the continuity.  If we don't have internal candidates we search external for the right candidates who hopefully will become our potentials for the future. The role of the manager is very important during this process, but it is first and foremost the responsibility of the employee him/herself.


The quality of our employees is at the heart of our product.

Investing in training and development makes sure our employees have (and keep on having) good knowledge and competences, can do good work and enjoy their work.
To realize these objectives "Personal development and growth in your career", the Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Groupe organizes Training and Development activities for all its employees and managers. Such training will eventually support the company’s short mid and long-term development. International Training  

International training
As an international organization we stimulate international development and international moves within the group.

Next to the country specific trainings, we offer therefore international trainings for managers and specialists.
Examples of international trainings are:
- The Management Education Program (MEP) this is an international training program for young potentials in the group. They will meet each other four times for two days during a period of one year. During these days they will learn more about personal effictivity, communication  and leadership. You work together with your international colleagues on business cases that will be presented in the last session to our top management. Objective of this program is to prepare potentials for a next step as manager in our organization.
- Master program senior management, this is an international program for experienced managers to develop in their current job or to make a move to another senior management position. They will work an their leadership competences in a dynamic international environment.   Compulsory Training  

Compulsory Training
To offer our guests an unique holiday experience in a safe environment we make no compromises with regard to health and safety.

To guarantee this, employees working ot our sites will have to participate in compulsory trainings, organized during working hours. The trainings differ per function and per country, some examples:
- First aid- Fire extinghuising
- Working with machines
- Life guard

Next to that specific trainings need to be done by instructors of (sport) activities like archery and the high adventure parcours.